PVC Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding Good Heat Insulation

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PVC Vinyl Siding

The application of vinyl siding makes constructions look natural and beautiful. And it will withstand all kinds of severe weathers. Besides, they are corrosion-resistant and easy for installation. Either in production or in practical constructions, it does not cause any pollution of the environment and can be recycled. It is an ideal decoration material.

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High Durability:

TILECOCH Vinyl Siding can hold up in harsh weather ultraviolet over 30 years,it has been engineered,time tested and performance proven.We are confident in our product performance.

Easy to install and maintain:

TILECOCH Vinyl Siding is very easy to install and maintain.It can be constructed with all kinds of wall,and it requires only an annual wash with a regular garden house.It never needs to be caulked or painted!

Broad application:

TILECOCH Vinyl Siding can be widely used in interior and exterior decoration for villa, residence,mall and plant as well as steel structure building and prefabricated houses.

Energy Saving:

TILECOCH Vinyl Siding superior insulation and energy efficiency by reducing energy loss.It has the advantage of good heat—insulation,easy to install,metope no cracks,lower cost, extensive applicable range,cost effective.

Environmental protection :

TILECOCH Vinyl Siding as an old house improvement project,it can be installed in the tile walls rendered wall directly.It speeds up the construction progress,reduce landfills,cut cost.


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