PVC Rain Gutter

5.2Inch 7Inch ,Life Time 20Years

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PVC Rain Gutter

Type and Size:

1.UPVC Square Gutters and accessories(5.2inch and 7 inch)
2.UPVC Around Gutters and accessories( 110mm and 125mm)
3.Color Aluminum Gutters and Accessories.(5K,6K,7U)

 Main Color:

White ,Gray, Brown, Black or custom made color.


Shape:Square or Round
Product Life Time:20 years
Diameter for K-style gutter 5.2inches:Gutter:125*85mm*100mm, 3.4mm in thickness
Downspout:86*63mm, 1.9mm in thickness.
Diameter for K-style gutter 7 inches:Gutter:150*130*120mm, 1.7mm in thickness
Downspout:100*80mm, 1.9mm in thickness.
Gutter/Downspout length:2M/3M/4M/5M or any length you want


1.ASA double-color coextrusion, color never fade
2.High temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, acid-base mold erosion resistance, oxidation resistance.
3.Easy to cut and install
4.Ethylene polymer material, leed-free, good UV performance


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